Avoid the Risk of a House Fire with dryer cleaning services

By signing up for dryer vent cleaning in Martinsburg, WV

There are several parts of your home that could cause a fire if neglected, but one of the most prevalent is your dryer vent. Which is why it's so imperative to clean it out at least once every three months. Instead of doing that by hand, call in the pros. Duct Pros offers dryer vent cleaning services for homeowners in the Martinsburg, WV area. We'll use our vacuum on your vent and ensure all hair and lint are removed properly.

Keep your household safe by booking our dryer cleaning service. Call 304-901-4191 now to check on our team's availability.

Why is it so important to clean out your dryer vent?

A dryer cleaning goes beyond removing the lint from the filter. It involves going to the back of the house, running a hose through the vent and dragging it back out. This helps with:

  • Increasing the life span of your dryer
  • Ensuring your clothes dry efficiently
  • Reducing the need for maintenance
  • Saving on energy bills

If you have over four people in your household, we recommend you check the last time you booked a dryer vent cleaning service. If it wasn't within the last six months, reach out to us now.


3 signs you need to clean out your dryer vent

Letting lint pile up in your dryer vent is a major hazard, so you'll want to keep an eye out for any signs of a blockage. You may need dryer vent cleaning services if you notice:

  1. Issues drying your clothes
  2. The room warming while the dryer runs
  3. Burning smells or a blocked lint flap that won't open
Any of the above issues may indicate a more serious problem. In these cases, it's best to turn to a dryer cleaning pro. The experts at Duct Pros in Martinsburg, WV can provide thorough dryer vent cleaning services to help your dryer run efficiently and safely. Email us now for dryer cleaning services.